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A debut collection of free and formal verse—as well as dozens of wild animals (Bigfoot included)—I, MENAGERIE captures and parades those most elusive of beasts: family, memory, and the preservation of self.

IMenagerieCover - Saber 1.png

"In wide-ranging poetic form, Harriman’s I, Menagerie engages human relationships—from traumatic recollections of a father’s limitations and sardonic treatment of a mother’s largesse to childhood foibles and ironic accident—through the eyes and hides of wildlife. At his best, Harriman expresses our desire for love even knowing its dangers..."

Donna J. Long, Editor-in-Chief, Kestrel: A Journal of Literature and Art


/ ˌɪn ədˈvɜr sent /


1. of, or related to, an unintentional aptitude for producing poetry, often in non-literary settings; characterized by an unpretentious lack of creative self-awareness.

2. colloquial: "To be a poet and not know it."